Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Preserve Meat Without A Fridge

On our place, we grown up without electricity not until last year after I worked and earn something and get the electricity hooked up in our house.(Still no refrigerator so far). I want to share of how my mother preserves meat without a fridge.

How to Preserve Meat without a Fridge? My Mother's Best

Living without a fridge sometimes is hard especially if you are living far away from the market. Our house is 3 hours back and forth away from the market riding on a tricycle ( a 3wheeled vehicle with motorcycle as the main part). Marketing need to be done once a week and need t to buy all the essential things needed in the housel ike detergent soap, sugar, rice, salt, spices, kerosene, matches and a lot more. My mother go to the market once in a week that's either Wednesday or Saturday ( marketing days). If she got extra money, she buy meat that she can preserve. Most of the time dried fish is the main dish in the house but of course we cook fresh vegatable too but always accompanied with dried fish. Dried fish last for how many days before it gets bad. So, except of buying  only dried fish she sometimes buy meat, preserve and put it together with her vegetable receipes. Filipino eat rice three(3 times a day and within that meal we nee to have something to partnered with rice like vegetable, soup, fish, meat, egg and others.  So, I will show you now of how my mother preserve the meat she bought from the market and last for 2 to 3 days. Maybe some of you are already aware of it but here's how:

What you need?
meat, salt, airtight container, knife, and water.

- Buy fresh meat from the market, not refrigerated.
- Slice it into pieces ( as you desired accordingly).
- Wash it thoroughly with clean water and remove the excess water by putting the meat in a strainer for a minutes.
- Put some salt on the meat and mix it.( Make sure the meat is salty enough for longer preservation).
- Look for an airtight container ( 1-5 peices)
- Divide the meat accordingly and put it on the airtight container.
My mother divide the meat by how much she it  to mix with some vegetable when she cook. I asked her why? Why not put it all together in one big container? She said, to avoid exposure. It's good thing to only open the amount of meat you needed in that time you want to cook.

Cooking time:
-Take the meat from the container
- Wash it thorougly as it might be very salty.
- Leave the other container in a safety place.

Enjoy eating  your vegetable with meat for how many days even without a fridge.
Hope this article will give you some insight if you are stuck anywhere without a fridge.

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