Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Way to Get a Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense is an advertising program run by Google, Inc. It is known to be the most money generator online.

Having a google adsense account is very desirable to those people who want to earn online. We heard  some people testified how google adsense help them with  their money-making online business.But how about those people whom their application for this remarkable program were always declined and been disapproved? In order to be approve with this program, it does need a hard work, waiting period, trial and error, so on and so forth. You need a 6 months old blog or a website with good content and a continuous traffic before it will get approve. I was suffering this kind of misery too until I found Triond.Triond has an option for their members to link their Triond account with google adsense for a double income.

So, this is the Google Adsense Alternative Application:

  •  Make an account with Triond
  • Write and publish 5 articles
  • Go to your account, then click google adsense
  • Choose, I don’t have  a google adsense, I want to create one.

Choosing the option number four(4) will led you to open a adsense account with google. Just follow the steps and instruction in setting up your account. Note: you need to open a new gmail account to associate with your adsense. Wait and check your new email regularly for an update about your application. Actually, it needs patient and positive attitude. On my case, it took four (4) days  before I received an email from gmail that my Google Adsense has been approved along with my Publisher ID. So, after this joyful approval you can now associate your adsense account with your account in Triond and other writing website to earn revenue and increase your earning. Hope it works well with you. Good luck and God bless. 


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  2. Hi,
    so once the adsense acc has been created thru triond, can we use the acc to publish ads on our blogs?

  3. Hi,

    Yes, you can. Please read the google adsense Do's and Don'ts after you get the adsense approval...God bless...

  4. Ah, maybe because you already have chitika in your blogs that's why they declined your application

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  6. Thanks for the recommendation on how to open an account in Triond. It does not matter how much time it takes to get approved. It is very interesting to earn revenue and increase my earning!