Friday, April 01, 2011

The Prayer

It is a poem I composed about Prayer. This is to inspire the reader and give a little insight about my view towards prayer.

I made this poem when I realized how prayer changed my life. Prayer is not an easy task to do everyday. For 29 years, talking to God in anytime and anywhere really matters to me.  There are prayers that take how many years before you can see the answer but some are instant. I hope you will get inspired with this composition of mine. I want to share it to everybody of How Powerful is the Prayer can be as I  described it on my Poem.

Not Everyone with mouth can talk,
Nor everyone with feet can walk,
Not everyone with eyes can see,
But every person with heart can pray.
We can pray in our room, kitchen or anywhere
You can sit, stand or kneel,
Our great God will surely answer,
Even to our simple prayer.
Nobody can change the world,
Nor make the worst man turn into good
Nobody can even change the weather
But all things are possible with prayer.

Yes, right. All things are possible with prayer. I feel relieved and comforted every time I pray. It is a good feeling talking with your creator with sincerity. You can tell him anything you want without laughing at you, blaming you but instead touch your heart and give you a new beginning. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. There was a saying that says ” A Prayerful Christian is a Powerful Christian; A Prayerless Christian is a Powerless Christian. There are forces in this world that we can’t see and can’t fight literally. That’s why we need that strong force too “The Prayer” to fight against them. For me, Praying in God is always the strongest armour to fight against the enemy. There were notable and inspiring prayers that we can found in our Bible. The Lord’s Prayer, The Prayer of Praise, The Prayer of Jabez and more. Let’s start our day with a “PRAYER”

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