Monday, April 11, 2011

Seven Things That Make an OFW Happy

It is a review of few things that make our Overseas Filipino Workers happy. These reviews are based on my observation and experiences.

OFW stands for Overseas Filipino Workers. OFW’s are considered heroes in our country Philippines. Being an OFW is not that easy like most people  think about it. The dream to help their  family , to be able to send their children to school, to repair their houses and a lot more. Though, it was the main reason of the journey, exploration and finding their fate. But for some, this dreams turned into a nightmare because of the corrupt employment agencies and abusive employers.  Right, sweat and blood involves in some cases especially with the domestic helpers (DH). It must be exciting because they  were given a chance  to visit other  countries, have a glimpse outside their  comfort zone and earn much money to support their family  . On the other hand, high risking and gambling of their savings (paid to the employment agencies), life (abusive employers) and future were anticipated. Sadness, homesickness, emotional stress, malnutrition, lack of sleep and rest, culture adjustment were needed to overcome otherwise you will go home defeated and buried in debt. Yet, there are few things that make the OFW’s happy, motivated and strive to continue the cause they have started. Some of these things were mostly applied to OFW  whose job is domestic helper.


  1. I love your blog. I like the psalm of the day- great idea!

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Thank you. Honestly, I like your blog more. I love your poetry. God bless...Thanks for the visit.

  3. I am sure that you feel happy, motivated and strive to continue the journey! Thank you so much for the contribution! I really love your blog!