Friday, April 01, 2011

Tuna Salad with Cucumber

Tuna Salad with Cucumber is one of my Home Made  favorite recipe. It is easy and quick to prepare, healthy and yummy.
- a can of Tuna ( I preferred Flakes in Oil Tuna Flavor)
1 piece of medium size cucumber
3 pieces medium ripe tomato (medium size)
1 piece onion 
black pepper ( coarse or powdered)
salt (to taste)
- lemon juice ( as desired)
- 1/2 table spoon chopped onion spring  (to garnish)
 - Cut the cucumber, tomato and onion into desired cut . ( Smaller cuts, the better) and put them together in a bowl.
- Add small amount of black pepper and salt to taste.- Open the can of tuna and pour it into the bowl with cucumber, tomato and onion.
- pour out or squeeze lemon juice on the top.
- Mix all the ingredients.
- Garnish your salad with chopped Onion Spring
- Ready to Serve.
Note: You may use a can of Sardines if Tuna is not available.
Sit back, enjoy and Relax with your Tuna Salad with Cucumber.

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