Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is the Meaning of My Dream?

girl dreaming
It was about 3:00 am and I was very tired, sleepy after a long day and it was very late to sleep. I locked the door in my room and I laid my head on my Tweety Bird pillow assuming to fell asleep the soonest. I heard a voice calling me and I followed it. I didn’t see anybody except the flowers, trees and a bright light of the sun. I asked the voice if where we were going but the didn’t answer me. He just continue talking and showing me that nice and very beautiful place. I heard the bird singing, while i feel like I am floating on the air and roaming around the garden. We passed by many trees and we came to another set of beautiful garden. I wondered where we are going and what is that place, and who is that voice talking to me. Before we go further, I heard somebody calling my name (woman voice). We stopped and the voice told me that I need to go back because somebody still needs me. When I go back, I fell off in a huge building in the midst of people. After, the blag I woke up in a real world and thinking what does it mean. I get up and went on my knees and had my morning prayer. 

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  1. The dream of it will inspire you to go to those peaks that at the beginning of the journey were unreal and unattainable.