Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Writing Journey with Triond

I purposely write this article to show my feelings towards Triond of how grateful I was that I joined this writing site.

 T-riond is here!

 R-egister  and be 

 I -nlove with this 

O-nline writing

 N-etwork that will  led to your


I had this draft 14 days ago. It means, I started to write this article 2 days after I actively involved with this site, submitted and published articles. The first day, was full of excitement and the following days, of course. Now, I had all the reason to continue this draft and will publish it. 
Like many of us, we joined Triond to earn something from our writings, to enhance and to develop our writing skills as well.  Honestly, I don’t know what to write on Triond. I always had that self-impression that I love to write and I want to be  a writer but I was having difficulty  to write on a such particular topic.
Writing is one of the most thing I want to do in life. I love poetry, history, and anything related to writing. I was looking for some place online where I can start putting up my skills. I am not an English native speaker, so writing online is very intimidating for me. Articles being declined is somewhat not a good thing. But it is a fact, I need to develop my skills in writing. I need a site that will go along with me as a newbie.


One day, I came across to this website Firstly, I didn’t think about earning. My main goal is to develop my writing and at least can publish one article. So I joined the site and submit my own poem. Unluckily, it was not publish and they advised me for revision. I stopped to that point and didn’t check my Triond account again. Few months later, I got an email saying that I had a fan on Triond. It made me to go back and check my account  and I pushed myself to write one article and give it an another try. 
Surprisingly, my article published and that day I learned that I can earn from that. I do check it everyday and I got views but my earning was zero. Again, I was a wanderer and forget Triond for the second time.
Two months later, I got a new fan again from Triond. As usual, it made me check my Triond one more. I am blessed because the one who added me to his friend is a good man (Bro. Nelson Doyle). I send him an email and he replied me with an encouragement to continue writing on Triond and don’t give up. At this this, I earned cents from my one published article and it was my turning point. I write 3  other articles that day and were published instantly. 
The highlight of my Triond experience was having a google adsense account. My blogspot site is still on its hundred steps away before it will get an Adsense approval. I was so thankful that after the 5 articles that I submitted to Triond I was able to apply for a Google Adsense and been approved after 4 days. It was really a big surprised for me.As far as I knew, someone from my country usually having a hard time for Adsense approval by using blogs and website as it needs more works and traffic. So, I considered Triond did a good part on my Google Adsense approval. I am not limiting myself for only one writing site. I want to go the next level and goal, which is to earn money from my articles. But as long as my writing path is concern, I will not let my Triond account left behind. Happy Journey with Triond. 

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  1. hi speedy and klaat. thanks for following my blog. glad we met at bloggers. and hope to revisit .pls msg me when u do new posts. i believe u can improve your writing skills, after a lot of practicing in blogging :)

  2. thanks for that. Yes, I will surely visit your place again. I like your recipes..

  3. Thanks for posting, very informative, will take a look at your articles on Triond. Amanda

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  4. I enjoyed reading this post! Where can I see the submitted poem? I will be looking forward to hearing from you again and again.

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