Saturday, May 07, 2011



I want to thank you for always there for me,

in times when I need you the most

Thank you for listening,caring and sharing,

for all the good and weirdest thing

for showing me that my dreams will  come true

and making me believe in myself

for all of the sacrifices you made,

for sharing your wisdom and knowledge,

for teaching me to be independent

and for having the strength to let me go,

to go out in the world on my own

and for trying to make  my  life special and meaningful

1 comment:

  1. hi speedy and klaat... beautifully written for the best mother who deserves all . i just done my second guest post and read youe email.very very funny : many thanks. take care. oh ya, i just it would be fun if u do a second comment in tagalog. would be fun, i like something different in my blog... i f u want i can do the same for you..