Saturday, May 28, 2011

She Wants to be Invisible - but why?

Why she is hiding
What she is afraid of
She likes  to be in the closet
of her on world
I want to help her out
But she said “No”
What are you afraid about?
I asked before I go
will be abuse
or  just frigthened
She said, 
I just want  to be invisble
for the world to see
But back  in my mind, I said
she needs to come out
      whatever will be.


  1. hi sppedy and klaat..this is a very interesting poem.
    sometimes, i am also like her... to be invisible, but not by hiding in the closet.
    i just want to hide from some people

  2. Hi Wan, me too. Basically, this girl in the poem is more like me...Thanks for the compliment...