Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

by: oncewantobeawriter

                                                           You are there when I first cried
Hearing my cry gives you happiness rather than a sigh
Suddenly, you cuddle me with excitement
And you whisper in my ear “Baby, you are God sent”

As I grew up you are always on my side
Stand as my father, friend and my guide,
Though sometimes you get angry and punish me because of my faults
But all of them are served just for my own good

Happy Father’s day, that‘s what I want to tell you today,
My love grows for you each and everyday
I always proud that you are my father
And I am here always to give you my care

“I Love you, Father” is not enough word to say
Because of all the sacrifices you did for me
I wish I can give you more than I can be
I hope this message of mine will make you happy.

Happy Father’s Day.

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