Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Internet Venture - Meeting Postloop

Earning online was a question to me if its possible or not. But after reading blogs, comments and articles of the potential of working at home through internet I give it a try. After my long ventures online searching for a site which I can say " This is it" I finally found one. Of course, I love the other site I joined like Triond, mylot, Bukisa and Matesgate but this one is something new and I am amazed of its legitimacy and quality.

What is Postloop?

Postloop is automated forum exchange site that Forum posters will earn cash for making post. Their goal is to have quality posters that make post to the forum owners. I wished I knew this site long time ago and how the forum posting work. In forum posting you can help others who are in need your opinion and advice. You will also learn from reading other poster's post and comments. In addition, you will meet new friends around the world while earning.

How Postloop Works? Click here

Here is my First Cash Out Payment Proof after 3 days of joining and how many hours of working. You can earn as much as this when you work harder.

I guess the picture is small. It is $5.42


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