Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Wedding Talk - A Wedding Prayer

June is here again.  And it is the wedding month here in the Philippines. Are you planing to be a June bride or a friend asked you to pray on their wedding?  Here is an example of a wedding prayer created by Rob Stephens (my husband) for his daughter's wedding, Megs and Sebastian


Our father who art in heaven, Hallowed be the name, 
Dear Lord, You are the greatest, You Give us this privilege of life, a demonstration of your grace.

 The breath of the new born child , the bond of marriage, creations of your design. 
Your greatest gift of all of  being love.

 We come to you in thanks,…. giving, praise and adoration. Asking for your blessing in 
the union of 
on this day of celebration and throughout their lives. 

 We pray they have a life together full of your blessings. joy peace  patience  kindness

 goodness, faithfulness gentleness and slow to anger.

Thank you for our family and friends ,thank  for this gathering in witness  
Thank you for the blessing received and to come 
Thank you
In Jesus name, Amen

By:  Bob Stephens


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