Friday, June 03, 2011

Writing Ideas for a Newbie Writer

To be a writer is not easy as picking something you like in the store and buy. It needs time, skills, strategies and techniques.

We all don't like plagiarism, copying someone's work for our good but for a newbie writers and bloggers the question of what to write is somehow existing. I was a candidate of this simple yet troublesome question of where those writers get their ideas in writing their articles.
Writing based on Experience – Everybody had experiences in life which are  different from each other. Writing based on experience will have an original output and with a heart. 
Writing based on expertize or a hobby - Writing about what you like to do is a kind of fun to do with. If you like photography, you can write an article about your ideas, techniques and strategies to take a good and quality picture. People who are good and fond of cooking mostly write about recipes they created . You can  write well if you are an expert about the topic.

Writing based on a Review – Writing based on what  heard on TV or  read from a book is another good source of writing an article. The goal is to inform and share something the writer’s  learned from a third party.

Writing based on  feelings – In this part, poetry will come in. Writer can write anything according to the flow of his mood and feelings. He can even write stories, fictions and other such related topics about what he feels

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