Thursday, November 03, 2011

Next Step after submission of Petition - CR1/IR1/Spousal Visa Only (US)

What you need to do after you Submit your Petition?

After the Petitioner mailed the Petition Packet in Chicago Lockbox, he/she will receive a notice via text or email Notice of Action 1(NOA1) or Receipt Notice. 

After 3 to 5 working days the petitioner will receive a hard copy of the said NOA1 to his/her mailing address. It includes a case number in the form of WAC##########

Now, the Petition  will be forwarded into a designated Service Center;

  • California Service Center (CSC)
  • Vermont Service Center (VSC)
  • Texas Service Center (TSC)
  • Nebraska Service Center (NSC)
Our Petition was forwarded to California Service Center.

Petition is the very first move in Visa Processing, so it is very important that it is well documented and submit any documents and evidences of your relationship that you are holding. Double check your packet how many times if possible. Check the dates, signature and more. It is not bad to have an RFE but as what I said on my previous post that it causes a delay. 

Next Step after Notice of Action 1 (NOA1)

Both the Petitioner and Beneficiary don't necessarily need to count the days from NOA1 but it is suggested for them to do so they can  track a record of their Petition and Visa Journey.

Since our document was forwarded to California Service Center, I checked every details that California Service have and it includes a Petition Approval Timeline.

It was estimated that Petition for Immediate Relative including Spouse takes 5 months before you will hear from them either it is an Approval Notice, RFE or Denied Notice.In some point its kind of stressful to wait but we have no choice. So, I marked 5 months on the calendar and I forget thinking about it so I will not be stress of waiting while counting the days. 

For the mean time while waiting, you can check your Petition Status at USCIS portal using your Receipt Number : WAC##########

Surprisingly, at exactly 90 days from our NOA1 my husband received an email that the USCIS send us an email that our Petition is approved and they send  a copy of Notice of Action 2 (NOA2) or 1-797  instructing us of what is the next thing to do. PRAISE the LORD and Glory belongs to Jesus. It is faster than we expected. 



  1. We should wait a little to receive the confirmation of the dispatch of the petition. We need to collect some certified copies of the documents to speed up the process.

  2. I've received a notice like this recently and couldn't find any review of to work out what should I do exactly with this. Thanks for this article.