Friday, April 20, 2012

My Home in the FOREIGN LAND

It was my third month yesterday here in America and I owed much story to share here in my blog especially the updates about my visa journey as I haven't share yet all my experiences from National Visa Center to Port of Entry.  All I could say that God is really and has been good to me. It was only a dream to be here when I was a kid and the fulfillment is on God's time. I arrived in San Francisco International Airport last January 18, 2012 and everything went smoothly and God performed a miracle on my journey and I will make a separate blog about my FLIGHT EXPERIENCED which is really amazing. 

I have two enemies the first time I arrived here. First is the SLEEPINESS because of the different time zone and second, is the COLD WEATHER that really made me cry. It's really hard to fight my eyes to be awake during the day time here. My husband let me sleep and take a nap but I need to discipline myself so we can go to sleep at the same time and not a zombie on his night and a sleeping owl during his day time. It was very embarrassing when it seems I was fighting with a goat when we attended a Mid-week Church Bible Study because my head keeps on falling while listening to the sermon. The COLD WEATHER really made me want to hide under the blanket all the time. I don't know what to do first inside the house and I make myself familiar with everything and trying my best to do my part as a wife. :) I told myself that it is REAL now and I am not a VIRTUAL WIFE anymore way back in the Philippines while on the visa process. There are certain times that I want to cry but most of the time I am happy because I am in my hubby's arm again. :)

My husband start to introduce me to people especially to his neighbors who already knew me as he keep telling them about me. Even the people in the vegetable stand and stores knew me. :) I've always heard back in the Philippines that neighborhood in America has nothing to do with you and didn't even bother to know about you. But it contrary to what I've heard as our neighbor here are very nice, hospitable and thoughtful. I start loving my new home as the days went by. I love our place. It is quiet, you can see the mountain, hear the buzzing train, the car and heard the bird singing as the same time. Our house is accessible to bus stop, train station, grocery store and any different places. I admit that I really missed my family but I need to accept the fact that I have my own life, a husband that needs my support and attention. Beside that fact I never missed contacting my family even if only through texting on the phone. 

Life in America is not new to me because I already worked and traveled outside the country. The big difference now is I have freedom and not working as a helper in a family but to my husband. I love my new home here. 

To refreshed the things we/I did for 3 months; we went fishing twice but we didn't catch anything. :(. I had my first BART (Train ride) on my hubby's birthday, went to Oakland Museum of California, and much more. Life is a like a roller coaster but above all God is in control and He is good all the time. Summer is approaching and its real hot already during the day time but still freezing cold at night. Start my little garden and I am thankful that my hubby's house now our house has a wideeeee front yard and its waiting for me to plant something. Had my seedlings and little plants ready to transfer into a wide space for them to breath.

Life is exciting here and much thing to look for tomorrow. I am my husband sidekick as he is a self-employed and have doing some car repairs or anything he can fix and we will sell it. Ah, before I forget we were selling stuff in the FLEA MARKET as well and I had so much fun with it. It really amazed me that there are some people that throw away stuff in the garbage which is those things are very useful in my country PHILIPPINES. If I could pick those things and send them all in the Philippines I will do it. But the shipping cost is arrggghhhh. Actually, I picked some good children books that I will going to send back home for my nephews and nieces. I found my $20 dollar in the junkyard which was awesome. About lost and found? We found an LG Android in the corner of the street but we returned it to the owner that happened to be our neighbor.




  1. I hope you'll have a good life there. What about the picture? is it about the crazy traffic in Manila as opposed to US freeways?

  2. Yeah, :)

    Thank you. Still more things need to be learn. Honestly, keep missing the Filipino food.:(

  3. I came across your blog since I am in the process of my visa application as well. When I read your blog it just gave me hope that all the waiting will payoff soon. Congrats on your new chapter in life.:)

  4. hi this is interesting indeed - i'm stuck on doing my wife's i-864 - was looking for information when i found this blog.

  5. @ Caffeinateddysosa - Thanks. I am glad that my blog inspired you... Yes, the waiting is really worth. :)

    @ Clem - feel free to leave me a message if you have questions...

  6. It is my 9th month here in the US this month. Everything is completely different here in the US than in the Philippines, but just like you I miss the Filipino foods too. In my blog, I had shared my experience with US Embassy on getting here in the US too. It's worth the wait.

    1. That's good. You will use to it. And I believe there are Filipino stores in your area. I am lucky that the Filipino store is only a walking distance from our house. So, I stop by sometimes and by something after work... :)