Friday, May 11, 2012

Cover Letter Sample for Affidavit of Support (AOS) (CR1/IR-1/Spousal Visa)

Every Petitioner's situation is different from each other likewise the Supporting Documents for Affidavit of Support may differ as well.
This is only serves as a guide for your Cover Letter and you can change the content of what documents you can submit. Feel free to leave a message if you have any question about your AOS and would love to assist you.


Petitioner's Name:
Preference Category: CR1
National Visa Center
National Visa Center
31 Rochester Avenue, Suite 100
Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914
Re: Submitting Affidavit of Support I-864 for NVC Case Number MNLXXXXXXXXXX
To whom it may concern:

Enclosed please find the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support for my spouse, NAME OF SPOUSE and supporting documents as follows:
Petitioner Affidavit of Support Documents
§  I-864 Coversheet (with barcode)
§  Form I-864 (Signed and dated)
§  Copy 2010 Income Tax and Schedule C
§  Copy of Bank Statement ( latest 3 months)
§  Copy of 1098 (2008 – 2010)
Joint Sponsor Affidavit of Support Documents;
§  Form I-864 (Signed and dated) – Name of Co-sponsor 
§  2010 Income Tax Return (1040Ez 2008 -2010)
§  Copy of W2 ( 2008 – 2010)
§  Letter of Employment
§  Pay Stub ( latest July – October 2011)
§  Copy of Birth Certificate ( Proof of Relationship)
Please process my petition at your earliest convenience and I am looking forward for an early approval. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you for your help.

Sincerely yours,
Name of Petitioner
Phone Number
Email address


  1. hi! This is really informative, I just wanna ask something.
    I am the only relative being sponsored by my husband. And I'm kinda confused about the I-864EZ,the shorter version of I-864. My husband filled up already the I-864 form for the AOS PACKAGE,but still not mailed. Should we use the I-864EZ? Thank you!

    1. Hi sis,

      There are 3 conditions that need to be considered for you or your hubby to use the I-864Ez Form.

      1 - Your hubby is the petition or file the I-130 (You passed)
      2 - You are the only person listed in the I-130 form (You passed)
      3 - If your hubby's income to qualify is based entirely on his salary or pension and shown on one or more Forms W-2 Forms provided by his employer/s

      I guess you are good to go sis. You can check the link above to verify it.

      God bless and Good luck on your visa journey... You are almost done :)

      Feel free to ask questions anytime.

      Happy Trails!


  2. aw thank you so much for replying. :) This helps a lot. :)Our case was closed! waaaaah! :D
    That relieves much of the anxiety we're experiencing right now. Thanks again sis! :)

  3. Wow, Congrats sis... You are almost done.... :) Next thing you will receive is the appointment letter from NVC... That's great.... :) Very Happy for you.

    You will be here soon. :) God bless.

  4. hello,I just want to know where will I send the AOS and IVA packet?My husband recieved an emal that we will submit the IVA and AOS packet,do we need to wait a mail from NVC before we send it?thanks

  5. opo tapos na po.then my narecieve kmi n email n isubmit na nmin ung IVA at Aos.Mam matanog ko lng Husband ko b magpapadala sa NVC ung IVA ko?kc sa example ng cover letter e ung patitioner ang nakalagay,.bale andito po sa pinas ang asawa ko.salamat po.napakalaking tulong po itong impormasyon sakin.

    1. Hi Jane,

      Sorry for the late reply... Yung AOS or Affidavit of support documents sa asawa mo yung... Yung IV or Immigrant Visa Packets sayo yun.. Pero pwede nyo na sila isama lahat padala sa NVC kasi anjan naman asawa mo sa Pinas. Isabay nyo lang padala.. Make sure ma print nyo COVER SHEET ng AOS at IV na galing sa NVC.. matatangap nyo yun pagkatapos nyo bayad lahat (AOS FEE at IV FEE)....

      God bless..

  6. hello po ate...ate u mean ba e sa envelope minsanan na namin ilagay don ung aos at iva?panu ung Attn: nya pag pinadala namin...?tsaka ate san mas magandang pagpadalhan?(LBC,AIR 21)...kc nung pinadala ko sa post office ung DS3032 ko parang ang tagal buti nakta ko itong blog mo...account na asawa ko ginamit ko ate nakalimutan q account ko.pacensya

    1. oo isang envelope pero tig-iisang folder. yung ATTN ilagay nyo sa bawat folder... di ko na try ang AIR21.. LBC sa akin mga 1 week lang...

  7. ate ung police certificate ba e kailangan pa b ng police clearance galing town namin or NBI n lng....?salamat po sa lahat ate...napakalaking tulong nito skin...god bless you po...thank u

  8. galing na ako sa uae kaso di nman ng iisue ng police certificate ang uae if outside the country kana...

    1. try mo email ang embassy or check mo website nila if kailangan mo pa ng police clearance from UAE.. kasi minsan pwede kumuha sa Embassy nila jan sa Pinas.. if di sila mag-issue, kuha ka pa rin ng letter from them stating na they don't issue a Police Clearance if nag-exit na from the country...

  9. I also need your help, i cant sleep bcus the aos package that i sent came back saying im missing info on my tax quetion is, how do i show proof now that im working privately with the family n.yet im still making the same amount as i was making thru my agency bfor..i only have reciepts from when i cashed the personal checksn thatz do i go about that now?