Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letter of Employment

This Letter of Sample might help to those petitioners who are employed and want to submit a Letter of Employment along with their other financial documents. You can edit or write your own letter anytime. This is only served as a guide. Thanks



Company Address

This is to inform you that NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE is a full time employee of our company. She works as a DESIGNATED POSITION and her annual salary is AMOUNT.

She is working with our company since DATE OF EMPLOYMENT STARTED until this day.

The job responsibilities of NAME OF EMPLOYEE include JOB, DUTIES or RESPONSIBILITIES.

This letter is issued upon the request of the person mentioned above for any legal purposes it may serve.
You may contact the office, if any further information, which can be of help to you, is needed.


NAME OF THE MANAGER (or any authorized signatories)
THE MANAGER (or any applicable position)


  1. Hi. I have just got my green card but still temporary and needs to be renewed end of next year to make it permanent. I would like to know if do I still have to file an employment application eventhough I have my green card already? Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      2 years ba yung Greencard mo? You don't need to apply for the EAD... Thata's all they need from you in applying for a job together with the SSN. God bless..