Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pen for $20 - A Last Minute Miracle

Fine Pen for $20 - A Last Minute Miracle

- January 17, 2012 (January 18 - Philippines Time) - Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines.

God's intervention has been proven in my life in so many occasions. He is miraculous in so many ways; in ways that you less expected or when you needed it the most. 

This story that I will share is only one of the many moments that God has been a Lord Who Provides. 

It was on Manila airport, checking in for my flight to San Francisco. It has been more than 2 years since I've seen my husband. He went back to the US, a day after our wedding. Yes, I can never missed this flight. It is a matter of "fly now or never". The plane ticket that was on my hand, was the "last ticket" for us to be together. I can't mess it up. 

It was my first time travelling to the US but not my first on an International flight. I had worked in  in Hong Kong  as an OFW and I traveled by myself before. 

I was on the queue to have my documents to be checked for check-in. Excitement to see my husband, at the same time, sadness for leaving my family were on my nerves. 

Anyone who undergone the visa process knew that the process is mighty expensive and draining. Above all other facts, my husband and I were broke (still broke until

Anyway, during my flight, after all the incurred expenses, I have 1,200 pesos  (approx.  $25) with me. Out of that, I have to pay 750 pesos ($17) for Airport terminal fee. So, I am fine, knowing that I have 450 pesos ($7) left. A meal and water will be provided in the  airplane, so, I am good, I thought. 

One person in front of me, then, I am next. I gave my documents and ticket to the guy behind the 
check-in counter.He went through my documents and returned them to me. I was astonished, then he said, "You have to pay the Airport Tax over the table there (pointing at the table with a line of people in the far left corner of the airport lobby). How much is it? I asked.  He mentioned an amount but I don't remember how much was it. But, I remember that it was more than the amount that I have on hand. I don't have enough money, I told the guy.
I can't let you in unless you pay the airport tax, he said. I felt like I am going to faint. I was holding my tears to burst. I kept saying, I don't have enough money. And he kept telling me, that he can't let me in, unless I'll pay. 
I was begging to him but he told me to talk to the people in-charge on that table. 

Knowing that I can't do anything, I left  and  went on standing in the corner looking at nowhere for a while. Then, I start crying and praying silently. I have to be on the plane in 30 minutes. I kept on praying and praying silently. Time is Up. I am gonna missed my flight, I was thinking. There is no one that I can borrow a money from in Manila. My cousin whom I am staying with when I was in Manila, lives  more than 30 minutes away from the airport. I have no recourse on my last minute problem.  I am going to miss my flight. Remembering the " fly now or never", I am bursting into tears. No voice, only crying while praying.  I did not know that there was an Airport Tax that has to be paid before checking-in.  

I took a deep breath, praying and went towards the table where I have to paid the Airport Tax. There were many people in line. I went to approached the guy sitting alongside the table who was chatting with 2 women. How can i help you? -he said. I have to be in a plane in 30 minutes but the guy in the counter can't let me in unless I'll pay the airport tax, I answered. 

Yes, you have to pay, he said. You can't board the plane unless you pay the Airport Tax. 

But, I don't have enough money, I answered. I have About 1,200 pesos here but I have to pay 750 pesos for the terminal fee. I put all the money I have on the table in front of them. 

How about your family outside the airport? Can't you borrow from them?, he said.

I said, I have no family outside. 

Who dropped you off then? he replied. 

My cousin's boyfriend and he already left, I said. Also, I am from Mindanao and Visayas and my families are there. 

What are we going to do with her? The guy asked the 2 women.

I am not sure, one replied. 

While I am standing there, hoping that they will let me in, a Fil-am woman from New York, tapped my back and asked me how much I needed.

I said, I don't know (though it was mentioned to me by the guy in the check-in counter seems I can't remember the amount because I was having a mental block).

She was in a hurry. We will be boarding on the same plane (to Japan, then transfer flight, she is going to NY and I am going to SFO). We have to board in less than 30 minutes as of the moment that we were talking. Without knowing how much I needed, she handed me $20 and said, I hope that is enough. I can't stopped myself thanking her. She hurriedly left, after I took her name and address. I promised to pay her back once I arrived in the US. I did pay her through money order, a day after I arrived. 

(She was the lady behind me on a queue when we were in the check-in area. She asked me, if she can borrow a pen. I've handed her a fine pen, and she said, this is a nice pen. The regular one is okay for me (seems like she is hesitant to use the fine pen I've handed her). I said, that's okay, "Ate", that's the only pen I have. She was behind me when we keep moving in line to the check-in counter and she has my pen with her. Then,  when she returned it to me she handed me the  $20.)

So, I gave the $20 and some of my money to the  airport tax guy, leaving me the 750  pesos ($17)  for the terminal fee and 100 pesos ($2) and change as my pocket money. 

Thanks God, finally, after  all the hassles, hurdles, tears, prayers, shaking, nervousness, etc, I went running like crazy inside the airport towards the airplane boarding area. Passengers were heading inside the aircraft and I almost missed it.

I am so grateful to God yesterday, today and forever. Also, to that woman whom He used as a vessel for His miraculous work. I have to find her on Facebook. She deserves a "shout out". And let the people know,  that what  she had done to me was beyond generosity. She was a God-sent. 

All the glory belongs to the Lord. It might be an ordinary story for others. But for me, it was a miracle. As I mentioned earlier, that flight was my "last ticket" to be with my husband as we were both financially broke. At that moment, the house that I will be living in when I arrived was 3 months behind with mortgage. Late with utility bills, insurances and more things. So, me arriving on that time, will be able to help my husband to generate an income and save our home. Imagine, if I missed that flight? I have no money to spent while staying in Manila or re-booking my flight. As in "broke". Thanks God that He is good and the Lord has provides.

I safely landed in San Francisco airport and eagerly wanting to hug my husband whom I have not seen for more than 2 years......

What happened to me in the airport has a traumatic effect on me. I'll be waking in the middle of the night out of nightmare that I missed my flight. I have been that nightmare for years. But, eventually, I'll go back to sleep knowing that my husband is next to me and that God has brought me on that flight and I  made it.

Glory to God. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

POST originally published on 2013. 
Edited: October 5, 2017 


  1. God is good to everyone, we just have to see that when will it create happiness an out lives at the right time and sometimes we become so cruel that fails to see the right stuff.