Saturday, October 17, 2020

My Introvert Classmate and His Travels

Sharing Marvin's Story : He Visited 7 CONTINENTS, 80++COUNTRIES, 230+CITIES around the ðŸŒ 

First of all, I am a big supporter of dreamers and I considered myself as one of them. I will turn 39 next month and thank God, He fulfilled most of my dreams. You might not or will not see me with a big house or having a fancy car, that's because my dreams are different from others. But the point here, is to have a dream and let God help you to fulfill it. That being said, I would like to share you a story of a young man and my hope is for you to be INSPIRED and to CONTINUE in pursuing your dreams. The young man's name is Marvin and I met him when I was in 1st year college at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City. I don't know anyone in the class, so did Marvin. He was sitting in the very corner of the classroom with his head down most of the time.I saw in his eyes the fear, confusion and shyness. He was very shy that every time he spoke I looked at his eyes and tears were always about to burst. I was very shy myself, in fact, my friends and family can attest to it but his shyness supersede mine. We were both transient and both adjusting to the new culture and new environment. On top of that, we were taking a COMPUTER related course that is was new to us. It was not just a basic computer course but an IT (Information Technology) course. On my case, I didn't even know what a computer "mouse" was. Who would not be afraid of that fact. Alright, back to Marvin, at that time, out of him being quiet and shy, I sensed that he had dreams. He had goals and one of them is to finish college and to make his parents proud. I don't know his background, I don't know what he was thinking nor where he came from. But, I saw deep within him, he was a type of a person who has a BIG DREAMS. He was just maybe overpowered by shyness and having a culture shock? I don't know.  One day, I remembered our professor (Prof. Noel Balagtas) were teaching about Microsoft Applications. At this moment, I had a little bit of understanding about the apps (MS Word and MS Excel), as I self-taught myself, spending hours in the internet cafe, practicing, crashing the computers so many many times, and it came to the point, that the owner of the internet cafe will miss me if I will not show up. ðŸ˜Marvin was not passing one of the lesson. So, I decided to befriended him, sat down next to him and showed him little things I've learned about the subject (I don't know if he remembers though). Starting that day we became buddies. You know, it became, everywhere I go, he goes, everywehere he goes, I go). Mall, Libray, canteen and he even went to the church with me. Little by little he adjusted to the environment and we started to have a circle of friends. OF course, we belong to the QUIET GROUP (as what our classmates quoted us). We were also attended evening classes and later on, we moved to day class. Our journey together did not end at the College of Instiute of Computing Department. Both of us had no success with the IT course, so we both decided to shift courses. First, we went to the College of Education and tried to apply, but the Dean of Education was unhappy with our approached. She was intially hard on us and yelled at us. lol😁🙈🤫Saying, "Our department is not a trash can. That all of you that were kicked out from the College of Engineering and College of Institute of Computing can just transfered here like that. NO!, NO! NO!, she said..I was seriously afraid of her. Like, I really don't want to approach her ever again. Marvin was quiet and of course, feels defeated. In fact, we both felt the same way. Afraid of the Dean, we decided and tried College of Arts & Sciences and there we met Dr. Tuban. She was an opposite of the Professor Dean from College of Education. She is soft-spoken, always smiling and approachable, and maybe that was the reason why we never gave up on pursuing her to accept us on her department. With perseverance, patience and determination, Dr. Tuban accepted us and her action of accepting us in her department changed the course of Marvin and my life. I've mentioned the  3 qualities above (perseverance, patience and determination) because we literally followed Dr. Tuban everywhere she went for more than a week until she finally got tired of us and said, YES. So, were admitted to the College of Arts and Science department. Of course, it was another new hurdle for Marvin and myself. New classmates, new subjects, new professors. We don't know what was waiting for us on that department, but we only sure one thing, that we are grateful that we were accepted. Which means, we were still in the same university. 

Fast forward, Marvin started to socialized and gained new friends but the shyness is still there. He even mentioned to me that he met friends where he went with them drinking. I was happy for him but I don't want him to ended up in a bad company. Finally, the most awaited moment, we made it and graduated College. Glory to God! After graduation, we parted ways but we still in contact with each other using friendster, and later on, facebook.  After graduation, we have communication through friendster at that time, and later on through Facebook. Then, the next thing I knew that he pursued a Master's degree in Business Administration but I don't know much details about his journey in the graduate school. Next,  I've heard from him, that he's working in a hospitality field. Literally, hospitality defines as "the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers". Yes, he worked in a hotel. He was once a very shy person and now working in a hotel? Where he is welcoming and accomodating visitors and strangers. Yes, I had a big question mark on my mind, but trust his capabalities and potentials. Hotel settings involves people and services which means "shyness" has no room for it. And that's where the Dream comes in. 

See, when we have dream and we are well determined to achieve it, no circumstances can stop us from getting it. Even ourselves cannot stop us. It is a matter of choice and believing in God and ourselves that we can achieve it. I will be very very happy to check in a hotel and see Marvin greets me with a big smile knowing how he becomes from the first time I've met him. And that was in the past, NOW, look at the pictures I've attached on this post. That's Marvin. A young man who used to be sitting in the corner of the classroom became a World Traveler. Visited 7 CONTINENTS, 80++COUNTRIES, 230+CITIES around the World🌍. Ask your family, colleagues, friends of what their dreams are. I am sure, 5 out of 10 will answer  "to travel around the world". And of course, they CAN. This is a proof,  once VERY SHY YOUNG MAN had them mostly traveled and visited. So, when the circumstances whisper your ears that you can't reach your dream, DO NOT LISTEN to them. YES, YOU CAN and YOU WILL. In addition,  DO NOT EVER FORGET to INCLUDE GOD in YOUR DREAMS. BEST have a Journey and Dream with Him. To end this post, due to COIVD19 Marvin Travels is now on halt. For this, he started his youtube channel "Hey Marvin" where he enjoys sharing his travels and journey. Please journey with him by visiting his youtube channel. Thank you for reading this post.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

👩Lyn @ LynSJourney

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